Wednesday, 9 December 2009

So now im a lot older and wiser (couple of months), I realize that frankly my 1st blog sucked....sorry bout that.
You probably really don't want to hear anything about me so i'm gonna talk about music, something that plays a huge roll in my life!!
Both my parents were, from a very young age and still are, part of the music buisness!
So i've been lucky enough to grow up in an enviroment where i listen to what free CDs my mum brings home from work, the kind of stuff she likes!
And, suprisingly, the stuff she likes is pretty damn good! Maybe i only like it cause i've been raised listening too it!??!
So theres stuff like Bat for Lashes, or The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Arctic monkeys, Last of the Shadow Puppets, Morrisy, Radiohead etc!!
But i'm not saying im too individual to listen to stuff in the charts....Beyonce is a favourite of mine, Rhianna etc!
But what i'm trying to say is that if i had to cjoose between the Arctic Monkeys and Beyonce, The Arctics would win every time!
I mean they're genius, who else could write a song about crying lightening!
Another favourite is florence and the machine, but i was extremely upset when i heard she has been dying her hair ginge since she was 11!!
Anyway i'll post a couple of vids so you can get a feel of what im into!

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  1. FLORENCE WELSH ISN'T NATURAL GINGE??? oh I am so upset :'( and welcome again to the blogosphere Isa I was wondering when you'd be back ;) xxxx